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Sleep Paralysis

We live in a world of spirits, they are all around us, roaming in their spirit form. Some spirits are good and some are evil. The dilemma is that one

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Helping The Deceased

Dreaming of a deceased loved one means your loved one is stuck in the spirit world and not able to move on and needs your help. Here are some

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Are You Having Nightmares?

Are you having nightmares? Work on the following suggestions to resolve the nightmares.* Start eating cruelty-free food, in other words, become an eggetarian, vegetarian or vegan* Drop coffee, alcohol, smoking

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Symptoms of Black Magic

Symptoms of Black Magic: Are you a victim of Black magic, evil spells or witchcraft? Self Evaluation Based on Symptoms Check the symptoms listed below, for your convenience

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Help! I am losing my mind

Here is where you start towards self recovery. It’s not going to be easy but in few weeks you will have some success that will help you steer yourself

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