Are you having nightmares? Work on the following suggestions to resolve the nightmares.

* Start eating cruelty-free food, in other words, become an eggetarian, vegetarian or vegan

* Drop coffee, alcohol, smoking or drugs in case they are part of your life

* Stay clean in your thoughts and take a shower every day wearing fresh clothing. Clean your private parts with water after urination or a bowel movement.

* If you are a female, stop cutting or trimming the hair on your head, and keep your hair braided most of the time especially at night, and cover your head while you sleep. Do not expose your body by wearing short clothes.

* Do not sleep flat on your back

* Change the direction you sleep in and keep changing every 3 days until you find a direction that gives you the best sleep with normal dreams.

* Keep your house clean, lighted, and ventilated. Fumigate the house with sage or herbal incense occasionally and play holy verses

* Do not sleep in total darkness, yellow light repels evil energies.

* Involve in Yoga, listen and chant this beautiful mantra called “Mahamritunjaya Mantra” that you can get from youtube.

* Dedicate one hour every day to meditation and chanting the name of God focusing on the third eye chakra

* Feed birds and animals

* Distribute food and clothing to the poor and homeless.

* Learn to handle fear as all fear is connected with the fear of death.

* Dive into spirituality, have faith in the universe by allowing yourself to trust nature.

If the above does not help you in any way, you would need the help of a light worker/spirit healer to resolve your issues.

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Let me know in the comments your challenges around this and what you’ve gained from this post.


Mony Singh