We live in a world of spirits, they are all around us, roaming in their spirit form. Some spirits are good and some are evil. The dilemma is that one in millions among us has the ability to see them and out of that rarely one comes across someone who can communicate with them.

Now as a general rule we humans should not have anything to do with the spirit world. However, there are many evil humans among us who have mastered the science of accessing the spirit world, controlling the spirits and using them to gain their evil goals.

The black magicians, witch-crafters, witches, or spell casters target their victims by assigning many evil spirits on their victims giving them specific instructions to torment their victims and cause fear, as fear is the force of dark energies, fear weakens our auras which is necessary for the black magician to go deeper and deeper into their victims body-mind. There can be many scenarios in sleep paralysis depending upon the power of the black magician Vs the weakness of the victim.

Being a victim of deadly black magic for over 27 years, I have gone through hundreds of such sleep paralysis, some were so horrendous that I would wake up in extreme fear with my heart racing. As time went by and I mastered many protective mantras from Vedas and Sikhism, the moment I would go into sleep paralysis and the evil entity in my nightmare would grab me, the mantra would kick in and I would wake up destroying the black magician’s efforts.

As I failed the black magician numerous times, these sleep paralysis stopped but unfortunately, many years were lost in unawareness about these attacks, and the enemy gained much access to my body until I came to the realization that I was being tormented by black magic. Being born in Sikhism I never believed in all this black magic stuff.

The most common experience that people go through is grabbing the leg or legs in sleep paralysis, an evil figure grabbing other body parts, getting stuck in between walls, a dark figure getting hold of you where you are struggling to get out of the grip of the entity or spirit. In dire cases, one can also experience being in a situation where it is hard to breathe in one of such attacks, and one gets suffocated in the dream waking up gasping for breath. There can be many scenarios and all depends upon the power and imagination of the black magician, the evil spirits, entities, demons or Djinns they are using.

As most of us live in the mooladhara (base chakra) or what we call is the first chakra that rules our sex center which is easy to access for any black magician using spirits, since our minds are obsessed with this illusionary world, all we think of is sex and food which on top of our survival list, very few among us understand the meaning of life, our purpose and work towards it.

My advice to everyone out there is to do not take Sleep paralysis lightly as these are strong efforts that are being made by the black magician to get control of their victim and keep going deeper and deeper, as time goes by reaching stages where these black magicians are able to cause disease in the victim’s body, block their Victims mind from functioning properly and in extreme cases attach evil spirits to the victim’s soul and having 100% control over their body-mind-spirit.

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Mony Singh