Here is where you start towards self recovery. It’s not going to be easy but in few weeks you will have some success that will help you steer yourself out of the mental mess you are in.

-Drop all meat, eggs, fish, seafood, milk and milk products from your diet. For protein you can take tofu and beans. Your diet should contain lot of fresh vegetables, lentils etc.

-Cook fresh and eat fresh using little Garam Masala, Turmeric and use Ghee (Clarified butter ) that you can get from a Asian Indian grocery store. You can also use Olive oil.

-Drink 8–10 glasses of water everyday and in between have camomile tea but no coffee

-Find a silent area in your house and chant EK-Aum-Kaar chant loudly as much as you can and try to keep your focus on your breath going in coming out. The purpose is to vibrate your body and mind with the sound. AUM is a universal sound and every religion has acknowledged it. Whenever you feel the need you can do the chanting. day or night, it does not matter.

-If you feel restless do some jumping on soft ground with your hands up in the air.

-Help this lady you call mother with household chores- just keep yourself busy and when you are not doing anything chant Ek-Aum-Kaar in your mind.

-You must take a shower everyday wearing fresh 100% cotton clothes and you must wash your anus with water after every bowel movement. The purpose is to stay very clean.

-Sleep with your head in the West and feet towards East as it will help facilitate the healing process.

Any issues or concerns, send me a private message.

Let me know in the comments your challenges around this and what you’ve gained from this post.

Love & Light

Mony Singh